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#A must-have equipment for outing

In the spring of April, pick a good weather day and go out!
It is a good choice to relax and relieve stress in the sun on the park green, play with the Frisbee, and go hiking and camping in the inaccessible mountains.
No matter how to arrange the itinerary, eating and eating are the most important activities, no one.
Mybest friendship reminds, protects the environment, reduces carbon emissions, and rejects disposable items.
What should I bring? Look at the list of picnic equipment I recommend!
1. BioLite
Originally designed for energy-poor regions, it can be used as a fuel with dry branches; it can also charge mobile devices while burning.
For the foodies who go to the outdoor barbecue, the most practical advantage is that after going out to play all day, my mother no longer has to worry about my phone running out of power~
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2. Iwatani
To put it simply, the cassette furnace is a portable cooktop that can be easily fired with canned butane gas.
The recommended rock valley below is the originator of the cassette furnace, and the thermal performance and safety of the product are guaranteed by 120%.
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3. MSR Reactor
In high-altitude and low-temperature environments, the most commonly used picnic equipment is an outdoor cooking system consisting of butane gas cylinders, burners and pots.
Can it be successful in the harsh environment of low temperature, low pressure and strong wind, and the fire is not enough, which is the standard for judging the pros and cons of the product.
The MSR Reactor recommended below has the best reputation among outdoor enthusiasts for its highest stability and thermal efficiency, which is worthy of the domineering name of “reactor”.
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4. AeroPress
Thanks to the 21st century coffee industry's greatest invention, Philharmonic, with it, even in the wilderness, you can drink a cup of pure and rich hand-made coffee!
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Whether it is a drink or the ingredients needed for a picnic, it takes a long time to keep cold.
IGLOO/Easy Music was founded in the United States in 1947 and is the first company in the world to manufacture incubators.
Easy Cool has the leading patented technology and is today the world's largest refrigerator manufacturer.
With the cool box of Easy Cool, you can transport your favorite cold beer and fresh fruit to every corner of the world.
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