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Mother's Day is a festival to thank the mother, and there are differences in Mother's Day around the world. Mothers often receive a gift from the villain during the day. In the eyes of many people, the carnation is regarded as one of the best flowers for the mother.
The birth of Mencius in ancient China, Mengmu, can be regarded as the origin of Mother's Day in the East. Mother's Day in the United States was initiated by Anna Jarvis (1864-1948), who was never married and stayed with her mother. Anna Jarvis’s mother was kind and compassionate. She proposed that a memorial day should be set up to commemorate the mothers who made obscurity, but this wish has not yet been fulfilled, and Anna’s mother has passed away. Anna Jarvis began her event in 1907 to apply for Mother's Day as a statutory holiday. The festival officially began on May 10, 1908 in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. In 1913, the US Congress decided to use the second Sunday of May each year as the statutory Mother's Day, and stipulated that every day every household should fly the national flag to express respect for the mother. The favorite carnation of Anna Jarvis's mother during her lifetime became a symbol of American Mother's Day. Because Mother's Day became too commercialized, Anna Jarvis established the Mother's Day International Association until the death of 1948, and continued to protest, hoping to return Mother's Day to a festival that simply praised her mother.
Mother's Day is coming, is the gift ready? Mother's Day gift list. Gifts for mothers must not only be mindful but also practical! Here are a few gifts from Mybest , you can choose ~ Mother's Day gift list according to your own budget.
1. Buydeem
The health pot can be said to be very in line with the appetite of the mothers. There are 9 mothers who care about the health. With this health pot, you can stew the bird's nest at home, cook the tea, and you can also eat the silver ear red jujube soup, boil water, and heat preservation. Not bad! These health pots have reservation, heat preservation and pot memory functions, which are convenient and practical!
Mother's DayMother's DayMother's Day
2. gN pearl
Jingrun Pearl, a supplier of quality pearl products based on the entire industry chain and brand. It was founded in 1994 and was born in Hainan Province, China. It integrates pearl research and development, production, sales and cultural display. It is a large pearl franchise group in China, spanning five major industries: pearl jewelry, pearl cosmetics, pearl powder and pearl health products, pearl pregnant baby products and pearl oral care products. The business involves pearl jewelry, pearl cosmetics, pearl powder and pearl health products, pearl pregnant baby products and pearl oral care products, and sales network throughout the country.
Mother's DayMother's DayMother's Day
3. Estee Lauder
After entering the work, I felt more and more that my mother was a lot older. When I turned over my childhood photos, my mother had no appearance when she was young. Collagen was lost and wrinkles climbed to her face. Therefore, the most important principle for choosing a skin care product for your mother is “anti-aging! Anti-wrinkle”. The small brown bottle of Estee Lauder can effectively tighten the pores and improve the lack of water and relaxation caused by skin aging. The eye is the most representative part of the age, this eye cream fades fine lines and the moisture is also great! Just every brand has launched a lot of Mother's Day skin care kits, you can go and see for yourself~
Mother's DayMother's DayMother's Day
4. Dyson
This sweeping robot is simply invented by God. It is not only suitable for lazy people, but also for God's cleaning of housework! It is super convenient! All of a sudden help my mother to ease a lot of housework burden! 100 points recommended! The price ranges from 1k-6k. If the budget is sufficient, the Dyson v10 is more recommended. It is very smart, especially in the house of the middle building. It can also be well recognized. It will not fall, and the corners can be scanned. Clean, vacuum + sweep + clean three-in-one, the machine is also very convenient to clean up!
Mother's Day
5. Estee Lauder
This hand cream can be said to be a lady-level hand cream. In addition to the basic moisturizing and hydrating, it can also effectively improve the problems of age spots and hand slacks. It is the representative of anti-aging hand cream! Most of the other brands of hand creams are whitening and moisturizing, and there are very few anti-aging, but how can you buy them for your mother? After all, there is only one mother~
Mother's DayMother's DayMother's Day