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Just after the Ching Ming Festival, the four days of the May Day holiday will be coming soon! Xiao Bian still draws the highlights of the May promotion for everyone! First and foremost is the Labor Day promotion, the major e-commerce companies will basically participate, the scale is not small, the strength is not bad, it is worthy of attention! Followed by the Mother's Day theme promotion, is still a large-scale promotion of the full category, but it is recommended to focus on beauty, maternal and child, clothing ~ the second half of the month recommended to pay attention to Tmall 520 parent-child festival, maternal and child, toys, Children's wear and other categories will continue to be cheap! Of course, if you miss this whole month's promotion, it doesn't matter, because at the end of May, the annual 618-year-old promotion will be fully open! The intensity is definitely the strongest since last year's double 11! Must pay attention! Please see the May promotion line report below!
[Labor Day]
Time: Expected April 30 - May 4
Recommended index: ★★★★
Recommended attention: digital 3C, household appliances, food fresh, etc.

E-commerce theme promotion full preview summary 2018 activity map↑
Review of previous offers: In 2018, Jingdong Wudong promoted the maximum number of home appliance vouchers by 1500. The full amount of the order also gave a gift of good value; the mobile phone grabbed the coupons over 2980 minus 300, and the explosion price dropped directly; the beauty makeup collar coupons were over 199. Reduce 100, 299 minus 150; fresh food full 99 minus 50. In addition, a number of exclusive coupons were issued in the station.
Small value experience:
According to the overall promotion rhythm of last year, it is not difficult to see that the key categories of Jingdong May 1 promotion are in digital home appliances and food fresh- keeping. The value friends who have this demand can pay attention to it and will still maintain a good strength this year.
Time: Expected April 30 - May 4
Recommended index: ★★★★
Recommended attention: digital 3C, household appliances, home improvement, etc.

Activity map of 2018
Review of past offers: In 2018, Tmall's five major promotion covers digital home appliances, home furnishings and other categories, with shopping vouchers over 1980 minus 200, over 2980 minus 300, full 4980 minus 500, majors selling straight down thousands of dollars, mobile phone bursts Straight down thousands of dollars, small appliances, two pieces of 75 fold, furniture 1 yuan spike, home improvement building materials grab 1 yuan to 1000 yuan privilege deposit, home textiles over 199 minus 100 yuan .
Small value experience:
Last year, Tmall's five major promotion categories in digital home appliances, home furnishings, this year should not change much, such as Tmall shopping vouchers, the former N specials and other games will still appear, everyone guards 0 to grab the price Ok~

[Mother's Day]
Time: Expected May 10 - May 13
Recommended index: ★★★
Recommended attention: beauty makeup, clothing, shoes, etc.