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#The most white and loveable lipstick recommendation

The most moisturizing and whitening lipsticks in autumn and winter, the lipstick is tens of millions, and the bean curd grapefruit is indispensable!
Western grapefruit and bean paste are the most practical,
A must-have color for people~
And in this season, super show!
What brand of lipstick award is good? Look at Mybest 's recommendations.
Needless to say, Yang Mi color, I know that it looks great! Do not pull out, the mouth is very moist, thin and thick coating are good-looking, the most important thing is natural white!
Lipstick awardLipstick awardLipstick award
Some little fairies complain that the mac bullets are used in autumn and winter, the upper lip is dry, and there is no luster and moisture. Tell you, it is because you chose the wrong series!
Mac has 8 kinds of texture, mocha belongs to satin and is not very dry, in the middle of the moisturizing degree, very daily white milk tea bean color!
Lipstick awardLipstick awardLipstick award
3. Givenchy
The texture of lambskin is legendary, and the most pleasing creamy creamy texture is smooth and moist.
After film formation, it is just a half-matte state, so you don't have to worry about pulling it out or worrying about the oil.
Lipstick awardLipstick awardLipstick award
4. YSL
A bean paste color suitable for young girls, the texture is smooth and delicate, the color will not be too rich, so it is very good with plain or light makeup, and then accompanied by watermelon bubble candy, the girl's heart is ready to take off.
This lip cheek cream is also good-looking on the face as a blush. After a faint smudge, it looks like the natural skin of the skin!
Lipstick awardLipstick awardLipstick award
5. Lancome
The pink grapefruit is gentle and sweet in color, does not pull out, and has a good color appearance, which is suitable for the daily color of young girls.
A fluorescent sensation is added to make the skin of the white skin sister more tender. However, Huangpi sister paper should be carefully entered!
Lipstick awardLipstick awardLipstick award
6. Chanel
If you don't like the lipstick of the lipstick, you can try the lip glaze, the upper lip effect is more touching, the faint rose flavor, the frosted glass bottle.
Take out makeup and do not lose face, the real thing is actually the light bean dark color, the color affinity is strong, but because of the light color, it is more suitable for white skin sister.
Lipstick awardLipstick awardLipstick award
7. Giorgio Armani
Super fired chubby Dingdou sand coral powder, a warm color, very suitable for autumn and winter, and the brush head of Armani's lip glaze, depicting a lip-shaped first bar.
Lipstick awardLipstick awardLipstick award